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Gear grinding machine RAPID800

Workpiece parameters (external teethsurface processing)
Tip diameter max. 800 mm
Diameter of teethroot circle min. 0mm
Number of teeth    freely selectable
teethheight        max. 80 mm
Module (depending on teethprocessing parameters)  min. - max. approx.= 1 - 35
Tool data (external teethsurface machining)
Max. grinding wheel outside diameter Dressable to 400 mm
Minimum diameter of grinding wheel holder Dressable 206mm
Grinding wheel width (standard)  max. 60 mm
Grinding wheel width (special)  max. 90mm
Grinding spindle revolutions  max. 4000  min. 1
Trimming roller diameter (standard) 120mm
Grinding spindle revolutions  10000 , min. 1
Grinding stroke (external face machining) 650 mm
Grinding spindle drive (special) 24 (37) kw
Deflection angle of the grinding wheel max. +120/-45
Table load 3000kg
Electric power 60kVA
Compressed air supply unit Minimum pre-pressure 6 bar
Fuel consumption rate 6m/h
Noise level <78dB [A].
Total weight:23000kg

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