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Délices Technologies

Autofrigor team would like to thank you for your visit during Europain 2016 trade show and your interest in our equipment. In order to satisfy your needs, we entirely renewed our product range to be able to offer highly competitive and modern machines: pasteurizers, liquid leaven fermentors, ice cream machines made in France. We will be delighted to assist you professionally in your projects.

Come to visit our new showroom today and test your recipies on our equipment!

With you already!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to satisfy the needs of both, national and international artisan confectioners and industrialists, who all demand superb quality and reliability, by customizing our equipment to their requirements and pastry specialties. Indeed, our machines are built in close collaboration with high qualified French confectioners and ice cream makers. We are careful with the minimal detail to manufacture the machines that meet the challenges of chefs and consumers.
Phone service
Whether you need technical information or you would like to get to know our equipment better , feel free to contact us. Your inquiries will be always welcome.
Replacement parts
As a bakery equipment manufacturer, we benefit from a complete stock of replacement parts which is always available at our industrial site and is referenced and tested by our systems department.Once the order is placed, our replacement parts are shipped the same day.
A highly qualified personnel service is available to either cover any repair should any operating problem arise, or to train our clients on how to operate our equipment.
For maintenance outside France, please contact your local distributor, details of whom can be found on our Contact page.

Tehcnical and professional assistance

Following are just a few ways that Délices Technologies sets itself to do for its clients:

- start and outfit your shop
- help you apply new techniques by using the latest machines on the market
- provide equipment that fits your needs and those of your production
- organize and optimize your production so you can make the most benefit from your business

Research & Development


Délices Technologies consider Research and Development as a high priority .

Thanks to our design team, our machines are manufactured to meet our ever evolving customers' specific needs.

Our certifications

Made in France

Our equipment is certified by “Origine France Garantie”. Origin France Garantie certifies French product manufacturing. This brand is based on a rigorous framework established in 2011 by the world's number 1 certification, Bureau Veritas Certification.

- Security

Our equipment complies with the "CE" certification. “CE” certifies products based on the conformity procedures as stipulated within the applicable European Directives. Our machines are subject to a number of risk assessments and product testing to ensure their compliance with the European Legislation.